Friday, September 4, 2015

The Whales of San Simeon Cove

This haiku is dedicated to the large marine mammals gracing us with their presence at San Simeon Cove.

Humpback whales swimming
Over bones of ancestors
And long lost cousins

The healing began
With delight in the finding
Of forgotten bones

Dead call the living… 
This little bay is safe now
The way is made clear

Healing continues
With delight to the viewers
Of big living bones

Humpback whales swimming
Over bones of ancestors
Long lost love returned

... J*

Dec. 2013 - The first huge whale bone, what I correctly guessed to be a skull, in the process of revealing itself.

Here's the backstory on this haiku. 2013 I call "the year of the whalebones" due to the abundance of whalebones that revealed themselves on the beach at San Simeon Cove, beginning with smaller bones in March and larger skulls, rib bones, etc., by the end of the year. Many locals (myself included) and visitors to the beach were delighted with the variety of bones and skulls. 

Discovering that the bones were actually from the "graveyard" of slaughtered whales during the shore whaling time of the mid to late 1800's made me feel a little sad, yet I also felt that the joy the old bones were giving visitors was somehow bringing healing energy to that devastating time for whales. 

Dec. 2013 - Two whale skulls in the surf.
Dec. 2013 - A huge whale skull excavated fully from the surf by beach goers.
Jan. 2014 - Several smaller whale bones in a sea cave.
Jan. 2014 - Huge whale jaw bone being "ridden" by a child.

Then, in 2014 the humpbacks returned to the Cove in large numbers, coming close in to shore, literally swimming over the bones of their ancestors. And now in 2015, the humpbacks have returned in force, this time staying for an extended time, bringing joy of a different type to visitors to the Cove.

Sep. 2015 - Humpback in the Cove.
Sep. 2015 - Humpback swimming near the kelp beds at the Cove.
Sep. 2015 - Humpback feeding, scooping up fish with its mouth.
Sep. 2015 - Humpback near the shore in the Cove.

Magic and miracles abound!

Jennifer Star
September 2015

Friday, August 23, 2013

Prayer of Gratitude

I share the following prayer with you, one that I have adapted and made my own, inspired by prayers written by others. I recite this prayer regularly in the morning.

Prayer of Gratitude

In gratitude for ALL THAT IS…

I love this day and give thanks for my life!

I love the night and give thanks for the rest, regeneration, and dreaming journeys to the Void.

I love and give thanks to all Creation, and the miracle and diversity of life contained therein.

I love and give thanks to the earth, all life, and all humanity.

I love and give thanks to my soul, my essence, and the sacred marriage of spirit and matter that I am.

I love and give thanks to my emotions, and the gift of feeling my life experiences.

I love and give thanks to the embodied being that I am – every part:
  • In gratitude for my eyes; may they see clearly the beauty of this world, and the next.
  • In gratitude for my nose; may it smell divine essences always.
  • In gratitude for my lips; may they speak my truth and the truth of ALL THAT IS.
  • In gratitude for my throat; may it give strength and clarity to my voice.
  • In gratitude for my ears; may they listen closely to the wisdom of ALL THAT IS.
  • In gratitude for my brain; may it send and receive love-light-energy for all my life.
  • In gratitude for my heart; may it remain filled with love for all creation, open to give and receive.
  • In gratitude for my breasts; formed in beauty, givers of life.
  • In gratitude for my belly and all internal organs; may they continue to nourish and cleanse me.
  • In gratitude for my womb; may it remain filled with the powerful dreams of life.
  • In gratitude for my sexuality; may it remain over-pouring with sacred pleasures.
  • In gratitude for my bones, and all muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues; may they remain strong and flexible in all I engage in.
  • In gratitude for my veins and arteries, my lymph, and my nerves; may they remain open and flowing freely, bringing all necessary blood, oxygen, fluids, nutrients, signals and information to my entire being, and filtering out that which is no longer needed.
  • In gratitude for my legs; may they stand firm and strong so as to hold my truth.
  • In gratitude for my feet; may they carry me steady and solid on my own true path.
  • In gratitude for my arms; may they remain open and extended to give and receive love and service to and from all.
  • In gratitude for my hands; may they do my work and the work of ALL THAT IS.
  • In gratitude for my skin; may it continue to protect that which is within and feel that which is without.

I extend deep gratitude and love to ALL THAT IS.

I extend deep gratitude and love to the Angels, my Guides, my Teachers, and the Ancestral Beings. Thanks be given for the love and protection, guidance and direction, sharing of experience and wisdom, and for being the seeds of my origin through the Dreaming.

I extend deep gratitude and love to the earth, the moon, the sun, all planets, stars, and celestial bodies in our solar system, and all planets, stars and celestial bodies in the entire creation.

I extend deep gratitude and love to Mother Earth/Mother Ocean, and the life she provides me with her body, breath, bones and blood. Thanks be given to all the plants and animals that give their lives so that mine may continue. Thanks be given to the water and air that flows in and out of me also giving me life. Thanks be given to the fire that warms, transforms and illuminates. Thanks be given to all the resources provided to me for body/mind/spirit so that I may continue my journey here in this space/time/consciousness.

I extend deep gratitude and love to the stones, the minerals, the plants, the flowers, the trees; the waters, the fish and all aquatic life; the air, the birds and all flying creatures; the land, the animals and insects and all humanity; the wind and weather; and all life on earth and in the entire Creation.

I extend deep gratitude and love to my blood family. To my mother and father whose love and coupling brought forth my body to house my spirit. To all the grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, and my children, and to all who are yet to come.

I extend deep gratitude and love to my beloved for the deep love we share with each other, for our friendship, partnership, mirroring, and teaching. I give love and thanks to his family.

I extend deep gratitude and love to all those who have touched my life and whose lives I have touched – friends, colleagues, coworkers, students, pets, and more.

I extend deep gratitude and love to all the homes and sanctuaries that have been gifted to me on my earth journey and spirit walk. I know that wherever I am, I am home.

And in these expressions of gratitude I fill all things, all time, all space, all dimensions, all levels, all realms and all consciousness with my love, celebrating this gift of birth, life, death, love, sovereignty, and transformation now and forever more. 

Many thanks to ALL THAT IS ~ Creator/Source, Great Mystery, Great Spirit, Divine Self. Thank you, thank you, thank you, forever and always thank you for this life and all its gifts. 

And so it is…