Thursday, September 8, 2011

Envisioning the Future

Inspired by The Institute for Humane Education's 15th Anniversary celebration, "Envisioning the Future: Community Crystal Ball," art project held in early July, I coordinated a collaborative project with 8 women friends—the SacredVessel Sisters—as well as creating my own personal collage with a collective intention for envisioning the future. I share both my personal collage image and intention, and the "SacredVessel Future Octahedron" images and intentions with you here. Perhaps you will find resonance in your hearts with our visions and words.

Envisioning the Future Collage by Jennifer Star, June 2011

In my visions of the New Earth, I look in the mirror and see in the reflection a glimpse of what's next. I am, as a global citizen of Earth, the new version and within me there is a model of more immersion into the depths of the paradigm shift occurring.

With my friends and beloveds, together we are transforming life as we know it. We are picturing tomorrow through intentional magic. I, we, want to make it great! And in our partnering we inspire future generations to follow suit. For we share a common goal—it's called the common good.

What we are bringing forth is a house beautiful. And in this house dwells nature, and nature has something to tell us:

"I am, we are, supportive, and will assist you in building a global community where wide open spaces will bring us closer together. As you put a creative spin on your visions of the New Earth, remember and know that the powers of the heart, the universe, All That Is, are always with you as you take a leap of faith by traveling on the path of the great turning."

These visions of the New Earth are also speaking to the ancestors of past-present-future, and they hear our call—the drum of our heartbeat—and answer back with their guidance.

All in the spirit of love.

SacredVessel Sisters
Envision the Future
~ July 2011 ~

SacredVessel Future Octahedron, Side 1

SacredVessel Future Octahedron, Side 2


About the SacredVessel Sisters

We are a group of women from across North America who first “met” during teleconference classes we all “attended” in 2008-2009.  Many of us wanted to stay in contact after the classes were over, so a Yahoo! discussion group was formed in April of 2009 called the SacredVessel. Most of us have never physically met, yet our bond is very strong, and gets stronger as the moments pass. We have very deep and compelling discussions via email as well as during our own version of teleconference classes and supportive calls. We feel our SacredVessel is modeling the future in how positive, nurturing, respectful, and supportive relationships are possible.

By the suggestion of Jennifer Star, also the creator of our SacredVessel, 8 women in our group participated in the Institute for Humane Education’s 15th Anniversary celebration project of “Envisioning the Future.” We were delighted to be part of the “Maine Event”, bringing to it a truly continental showing by way of these visions of the future, built upon the sacred geometry of the octahedron, from women across North America. It is our hope you are touched by the vision and feel of our project.

Following the Maine event, this octahedron has begun its travels across the US to “visit” and live with each of the SacredVessel sisters, further sharing our collaborative vision within our communities.

Thank you to Zoe Weil and her vision of the IHE, and to all those who are part of the IHE, the world community, and are putting their focus, intentions, and love towards creating a world of balance and respect. 
Here are our words
to expand upon the visions

In the Spirit of Love

Rooted deeply in
a new version emerging;
peace, balance, respect

Spirit and body;
together transforming life
as we know it now

These visions of earth
are connected and aligned;
immersion is key

I am, we all are,
a glimpse of what's next for us;
the Spirit of Love

~ Jennifer ~
Cambria, California

Leaning Into the Future, Leaning Into the Dive

Jumping off into the blue water future,
fish filled, penguin filled.
What is doing when you live in an ocean?
Eating, survival, movement, sound.
Coherence of the future as resonance
creating shape and form
and rhythm and uniqueness
in each moment.
Wisdom in resonance.
 Wisdom in the eye and ear.
Sea turtle skin pattern.
Diving in.
Swimming in the infinite future now.
Blue. Water. Life.

~ Marty ~
Berkeley, California

envisioning  the  future                            daring  to  dream
leaping from the realm of beliefs           into the realm of possibilities,
from  the  structure  of  circumstance  to  the  miracle  of  unbound  vision
expansion of sight taking hold,  allowing,  trusting,  dreaming in a new way
stepping into the unknown, fresh, alive, vulnerable . . . safe, protected, well
shift of focus . . . filling spirits (not pockets) with beauty, harmony, love
surfacing in a new world with new perception, bold expression
releasing,  letting  go  with  grace  and  simplicity . . .
diving down deep, emptying, transforming,
learning to walk on newborn feet,
moving forward guided by the
softly  whispering
song of the

~ Stephanie ~
Mission Viejo, California

I feel myself spiraling . . .

Spiraling into a future that I cannot see
but my heart 'feels' into
This Future I 'feel' contains all of the greens
of earth and golden light
It contains woods and trees, air and water,
fire of the dragon and the sun

The fire dragon is softened and contained
by the feminine energy of the delicate and exotic
White green and purple orchids embrace
and encompass him in love and compassion
A blending, a holy exchange of
shared fire, shared air, shared fluidity
S/he rises from the ashes as the Phoenix Dragon
and flies into the Future

~ Nancy ~
Seattle, Washington

in harmony
with the
natural world
and with the
Elemental beings

~ Sally ~
Westport, New York

Envision all of earth as Spirit-in-Camouflage!
And feel your light-body connected
to infinite Source energy
—for now—
walking about in the costume of skin.
Everything appearing separate, but in truth
shimmering and shining.
Everything appearing limited,
but in essence is unlimited.
Death is but a portal and no longer the thing
 we can dump our beliefs of separation and limitation upon.

Who would you be if you knew you and Earth
are unlimited shimmering beings connected to Prime Creator,
in connection with everything
for all of time and in all ways?

~ Therese ~
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Enlightened Birth


I see a world where these apply to:
Entering or Leaving
Cosmos or Field
Miraculous as the Norm

~ Aleia ~
Flagstaff, Arizona

The Divine Mother births a new world from the old
A mother will make sure that all recieve their fair share
Inspired and Nourished
All beings are honored in their purpose

~ Tina ~
Rogue River, Oregon

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  1. As always Jennifer - such beautiful work! Thank you to all the sisters for sharing. Therese's words really resonate deeply for me. I really urge you all to share your words and images widely! I see some We'Moon action here....

    Thank you again, love, Tobey