Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Global Waning Decay Cycle

(Originally written September 27, 2011)

This past equinox weekend had me contemplating once again the "global waning decay cycle" that I've felt very strongly we are in and have been in for many, many Moons and trips around the Sun now. Part of the reason my thoughts on this subject were sparked up is that I began reading the book, A Vision, by W. B. Yeats (1938).

One of the first excerpts that grabbed my attention early on in the book says, "What if Christ and Oedipus or, to shift the names, Saint Catherine of Genoa and Michael Angelo, are the two scales of a balance, the two butt-ends of a seesaw? What if every two thousand and odd years something happens in the world to make one sacred, the other secular; one wise, the other foolish; one fair, the other foul; one divine, the other devilish? What if there is an arithmetic or geometry that can exactly measure the slope of a balance, the dip of a scale, and so date the coming of that something?"

The second excerpt a little further in the book says, "Have I proved by practical demonstrations that the soul survives the body? ... Have I proved that civilizations come to an end when they have given all their light like burned-out wicks, that ours is near its end? ... or transformation?"

So, these pieces led my thoughts to the "cancerous" element that seems to be very prevalent in our world and especially the U.S. right now. Not just people dealing with and dying as a result of having some kind of cancer, but also the collective element of systems and governments and organizations that are cancerous. I was thinking that how cancer works, its way of being — its intention if you will — is to simply consume all the life of its host until the host dies, even though the cancer then dies too. This appears to me, then, that its survival lives only in the moment with no long range plans. Just consume. It doesn't seem to care or mind that it will die once the host dies.

On a collective scale in a global waning decay cycle, perhaps this is what needs to, or has to happen in order for the out of balance element of our world to become balanced once again; for the global waning decay cycle to fully decompose. Because the cancerous atmosphere can cause a complete death and transformation of all that we know now to occur. Nothing recognizable is left after the cancer consumes the host.

All this considered, I'm beginning to realize, and accept, more and more deeply that my journey here — in this lifetime — does not and will not involve seeing, witnessing, nor being part of and experiencing the transformed state of embodiment that I am envisioning and dreaming (sometimes this saddens me greatly). Rather, I am the StarFlower SeedWoman who, with all my soul kin, is seeding the way for the next expression of embodiment — whenever that might be. Yet, as seeds, we do not "see" the life that grows from us; we eventually become it, later on when the conditions are right for proper growth. However, the seeds are oh-so important now. They hold the answers, the blueprints, of what's to come. So I will work to make sure my seeds, that which I am spreading, are viable and pure — to the best of my ability in this lifetime...

I want to add to this dissertation on the cancerous collective element, the following quote from a Tibetan Lama:

"We die, not because we are ill but because we are complete. Illness is the occasion of our dying, but not the cause."

And this from the book, My Grandfather's Blessings by Rachel Remen:

"Knowing that a Buddha seed is present in everyone changes the way you see things. We are all more than we seem. Many things do not wear their true nature on their sleeve. What you can see and touch about an acorn, its color, its weight, its hardness, length, and width will never hint at the secret of its potential. This secret is not directly measurable, but given the proper conditions over time it may become visible.

"An acorn makes no sense unless we know that woven into the way it is made, there is something waiting to unfold that knows how to become an oak tree.

"Our essential humanity is defined by the Buddha seed in us, the capacity to grow in wisdom and the ways of wisdom. None of us are only the way we seem."

And lastly, this from the book, Dreams Are Letters From the Soul by Connie Kaplan:

"As an awakened dreamer, part of your imperative is to hold the vision. See the unseen forces behind manifestation, see the blueprint, the intent, the archetypal structure, the Greater Plan, and hold that in wonderment, amazement, and awe. Bring to your community the beauty of the vision. Hold fiercely to the divinity of the dream."

As a reminder of why the above dissertation is important to me personally, here is the description of Neptune in Unity (16), which is my natal position, from The Invisible Garment by Connie Kaplan:

“Your birth group came into incarnation with the imperative to teach Unity. You are an initiatory part of the great wave of consciousness that swept the planet in the last 50 years of the twentieth century. You are tearing down old systems that perpetuate separation: organized religions, racism, sexism and genderism, governments that override the will of the people, corporations that become top heavy. While at times it may not seem as though your message is being heard, because there are so many of you, the message continues to echo through the ears of people of good heart, and Unity will eventually win the hearts and minds of us all.”

And Scorpio 17 for my Neptune degree, with Omega and Chandra Symbols (John Sandbach):

Scorpio 17. Empty rooms with perfect walls and floors. 
Omega Symbol: Manifesting/Sensitive
Degree Angel: LAUVIAH. Banishing the Remnants of Evil, Victory

When you create an empty space you make a place for something new to come in, and when you do this continuously you maintain a clear, clean place on which the mind can project its imaginings and thereby come to know itself. This degree has a gift for clearing out the past and for staying prepared for whatever is coming toward it out of the future.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The mountain abode of a hermit.” There’s an ability here to operate at a remove, for obviously not everyone who has this degree goes off to live in the mountains, but all of them do, to some extent, create that abode around them so that they can do what they do without being so affected by the energies of others and the world of humans in general. It means that they bring a freshness to whatever they encounter, and help others to divest themselves of the mental and physical pollution with which they are always having to contend. How clear this mountain air seems to be, how refreshing, and how much its atmosphere seems to give us greater space and freedom in which to move, just as the empty rooms of the Omega Symbol do.

And so it is...

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