Sunday, July 14, 2013

Neo-Pledge of Allegiance

"I pledge allegiance to the earth, the sun, the sky and the stars, and to the universe from where we came, our source, unnamable, with mystery and miracles for all." ~Jack Raymond Biesek

Jack Biesek returned to Source on June 29, 2013. I never met him, but his life essence rippled out to touch mine as I discovered his obituary on July 11. I have been deeply moved by Jack's sharing, his life essence and, since connecting with a dear friend of Jack's who is someone I do know, the fact that Jack was a "wayfinder." Yes, I feel his gentle guidance, his light, his pointing the way. And I feel joy alongside grief with the touch of Jack's ripples.

I share with you now Jack's obituary - a poor word to describe what follows, for it really isn't a notice of death, it is a notice of life and of love. Thank you, Jack, for touching my life...

Jack Raymond Biesek
I have taken the liberty to write my own obituary and I beg your indulgence herewith.

Good-bye to my dear family and my life on earth, including decades of living in the garden of Eden (See Canyon and San Luis Obispo). To my many friends and acquaintances, I say thank you for a lovely life and for your kindness and affection. At the end of the day it is LOVE that we take with us and I've had a mountain of love in my life.

I look forward to the next evolution of my soul essence, for I believe that my spirit will live on in some new form and I welcome that new form. Based on what we see and the little that we know about the universe from our perspective here on earth (using our limited glimpse of life's vibratory energy based on observations of the visible spectrum of light), we are part of a huge miracle of energy flow that is beyond comprehension by the human mind (yet worth trying to comprehend as we expand our minds). I find comfort knowing that my ability to love people as well as life and the earth and the cosmos will carry me forward to a new adventure that will enhance me (and my essence).

In recent years, I developed a fondness for the universe and all it's glory. The big picture of what is going on easily supersedes the petty things in life. Our cultural beliefs, based on the media, television, history, the written word, gossip and innuendos, are comfortable distractions that are merely self limiting stories that we all believe in, and thus limit ourselves and choose to conform to "consensus reality" for the sake of comfort and security.

"Party Heart 3" by Jack Biesek
My gift of having an artist's sensibility and curiosity, as well as a love for all people, has allowed me to move a bit beyond consensus reality. This provided me with a flexible vision and a personalized life story - one that I have chosen and invented. What could be better than that? I hope you all get to live your dreams to the fullest. Life is short. Take that trip. Take that risk. Love yourself and shine your light on others.

I will leave you with my neo-pledge of allegiance (I wrote this about 10 years ago). It has replaced the American pledge for me and has been a guiding light. I hope it brings you some open-ended awareness. "I pledge allegiance to the earth, the sun, the sky and the stars, and to the universe from where we came, our source, unnamable, with mystery and miracles for all."

Kind Regards, Jack Raymond Biesek

Published in San Luis Obispo Tribune on July 7, 2013
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