Friday, November 13, 2009

Burning Questions

A friend of mine emailed an interesting article today that spurred a line of thought I'm going to share here. The article was in AstroFlash! from, "a cosmic tidbit of astropoetic perspective from the celestial buffet." (I really like that description!!) Anyway, at the end of the article were the following questions based on the current astrological event of Saturn squaring Pluto. Even if Saturn wasn't squaring Pluto, I still think these are some great questions. So, I have answered them below, and would LOVE to hear how you'd answer them...

Saturn/Pluto Burning Questions and Actions

Q: What are the apparently insurmountable forces opposing me now?

A: First off, I want to say that I choose not to look at the collective situation as "opposing" me in the way this statement is most often taken, e.g., an opponent in some kind of battle. Rather, I look at opposing as an opportunity to face a situation straight on, full view, eye-to-eye. So from that perspective, I would have to say that for me personally at this time, today, I am faced with an unknown about how my financial situation will keep a roof over our head and food on our table. Even with considering eliminating unnecessary expenditures - like my cell phone which I hardly use because I'm mostly at home and have a land line - it may not be enough in the event that the state of affairs financially in the world continue to deteriorate dramatically. I've had a small cushion of $$ since my mom's death last year, but that is about to run out and my income has decreased since then with no obvious way of bringing in more, at least in my current view. I appreciate the word "apparently" when coupled with "insurmountable", because it is my feeling that just because I cannot see what's coming next for myself financially, it doesn't necessarily mean that what I will be facing is or will be insurmountable. However, it IS becoming more of a concern of mine on how we will be able to cover all our expenses as our "paychecks" decrease. So, this is the question of the week for me and one I feel could potentially be "apparently insurmountable." I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one experiencing this issue right now.

Q: What are the unconscious rules that limit me?

A: This is a really good question to follow the first. I really "get" that the way things have been in the financial world must change and be restructured, and it is most likely unconscious AND conscious rules about how one must BE financially in this world that are limiting me, and causing me concern about my current financial situation. The rules I grew up with were to either get myself a career that I worked at for 30+ years which had benefits and retirement, or get married to someone who could be the provider while I stayed home and raised the children. However, I have done neither, and instead have lived on the edge, paycheck to paycheck, since becoming an adult. This could actually be a benefit, considering the uncertain times we are in, since I do have over 25 years of experience of making do. And perhaps that, plus my background of knowing how to make something out of nothing, or with bailing wire and spit, will end up serving me in the shift that is occurring in the financial world. I'm really hoping so. Since I've never been very high on the financial ladder I don't have very far to fall, unlike a lot of folks out there. In my neck of the woods, what seems to me to be the missing piece for surviving this financial crisis is a real solid community of folks who are willing to work with each other. Maybe we would come together out of necessity, but that is just not clear at this point. So a part of me feels very alone in all this.

Q: Where do I need to focus my energy to make change?

A: Ah yes, and here's the rub. One might think I need to focus on finding ways to bring in more income, to sell myself in whatever way I can just to make a buck. After all I DO have a lot of skills that cover a broad range. But that feels restrictive to me, and I've never been inclined to go that direction anyway, at least not for very long. So, what to do? Well, perhaps the deep feeling I've been having for a while now of eliminating all the "old" stuff hanging around on every level, continues to be my answer. However, it's really risky because it only intensifies the unknown element and may bring judgment from others. But it feels more "right" to me than any other option. Therefore, it looks as though I need to continue focusing my energy on "lightening up" across the board.

Interestingly enough, for the waning last quarter moon on 11/9 (I keep a lunar journal), I picked my SoulCollage cards of "Risk Taker" and "Happy Inner Child." The message from Risk Taker was, "During these transitory times, risk taking is essential to moving into the new paradigm because of the level of unknown that is involved. Comfort is not really an option, for when one is too comfortable there is not movement." The message from Happy Inner Child was, "... continue a focus on bringing out [your] Happy Inner Child so that she can aid in [your] transformational process. [You are] still hanging on to the serious side of [yourself] and it is not helping." So, simply put - take risks and be happy about it!! LOL!!

Here's a little tidbit I found on the Saturn/Pluto square energy that really kind of fits with what I've been feeling... 

"So things are spinning, ending, grinding, and turning corners. This period is bringing finality to whatever has been, and could never be. With Scorpio so prominent, it's time to take note of deep feelings and say goodbye to whatever, creating the space to attract things more appropriate to who we are. The trick is to be patient in refusing all that is not appropriate, and welcome that which is.

"The square from Saturn to Pluto was prominent in the recent Full Moon of Taurus and Scorpio, which guaranteed everyone a wild ride with a major T-square driving the Grand Irrationality coupled with Mars septile Saturn. This is throwing us all into forks in the road in ways we will know our lives have changed in the near future.

"So say goodbye and hello, release and welcome, and let go of whatever and whoever is being spun away. We are all in the whirlwind, and must learn how to dance on the edge of eternity. We have nothing to lose but our fear."  © Copyright 2009 Robert Wilkinson

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