Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Joy of Being

Remember those sprouted fava beans? Well, what happened is that only a half-dozen came up and I lost my momentum and excitement around their arrival. Sort of like what has been happening for me in my personal life. However, yesterday provided me just what I needed...

Cayelin Castell in her Celestial Timings message for February 1st, 2010 spoke about it being a good time right now to ask for a personal message or sign designed to let you know you are on track. Well, yesterday proved to be just that for me, and in ways that surprised and delighted me, and brought tears to my eyes.

I have been feeling off-and-on for awhile now a doubt about who I am in this world, what I have to offer, and do I truly have anything the world and those on it need? Am I for real? Or am I just kidding myself? I struggle with a part of me these days that doesn't remember, can't pull out of the depths of my brain, something I learned...or heard...or read...just a week ago, a day ago, ten minutes ago. And this brings the doubts.

However, what I have been dedicating my self to recently is simply engaging in projects, offerings, givings, that bring joy to my heart — even in the midst of uncertainty about where the financial resources to pay for my earthly obligations are going to come from.

So, my messages and signs that I am on track arrived, flooded in in fact, yesterday. I was overwhelmed and inundated by expressions of love and gratitude for who I AM, for what I offer, for simply being me. I had at least a dozen emails yesterday from various friends all expressing their version of this love and gratitude. And expressed deeply - no surface stuff here.

At first I was stunned, and when I awoke from that daze, I saw my signs!! I AM on track! Being me and engaging in what I love is where I AM supposed to be. I must continue to trust in this place, trust, trust, trust, that I will receive the financial support I need to fulfill my earthly obligations. For I AM certainly receiving the heart and soul support I need. THAT is the foundation upon which I will build.

My winter quadrant "Season's Ahead" mandala collage says it all:
"I AM what I choose to become - The Joy of Being."

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