Friday, September 10, 2010

Second Versions, or Re-Visions

On September 8th I engaged in creating a gemstone necklace for the 10th Lunation that began at the New Moon in Virgo. I completed it, but the design wasn't quite right and the thread also broke part-way through, which I repaired but wasn't thrilled about. So, I took it all apart (this was a knotted piece so I had to cut at each knotted section to remove the beads) and began again with a slightly altered design. After the second version was complete I was very pleased with how it looked and felt.

When writing in my 13 New Moons lunar journal for this day, I noted "...really like the second version. That seems to be the flavor of the day for quite a number of my creative projects lately - the mandala calendar, other lunation necklaces, the book of poetry I created on LuLu today. Hmm... second versions (re-visions)... Does that apply to my life in general in the space/time of transitions and transformations? Like the caterpillar to butterfly? In all the above cases the first version ultimately served a purpose for me to be able to fine-tune and know better what I want and like. Hmm..."

So, I've really been thinking about this concept of second versions, re-visions, on a personal level first, but on a collective/global level as well. Adding to this line of thought is the message I received in a dream from 8/20 - a dream that I've not stopped pondering since it came to me:

9 Illustrations

Sitting at a picnic table outside on a green lawn at the old Mtn. Ranch house (where I grew up from age 11), a man, who appears to be a teacher and I am his student as I have paper and pen in hand, is telling me that I need to finish the 9 illustrations for my project. I’ve completely forgotten about this part and wonder, as I think of all the other tasks I already have on my calendar, how I’m going to get them done in time. He also tells me that what I’m doing for a living now (I know this to mean my waking reality of graphic design, bodywork, bookkeeping) is something a lot of people are doing, is old news, and that I need to engage in something new and different. He suggests that the project he is orchestrating, and which I need to create the 9 illustrations to go with my writing for, IS the something new. I thank him for his advice. EOD

Well, this dream certainly seems to point toward the whole second version, re-vision theme. And in the emptiness that I have been and am still feeling quite deeply, perhaps this is all in Divine Order - I am empty and therefore can begin fresh, creating a second version of myself, a re-vision of myself, having learned now from the first version what I want and like. Hmm... do you think this might be possible not only for myself but for our communities, our countries, our world? Yes, I realize that the whole idea of second versions and re-visions isn't new, and we are all constantly in a state of remaking ourselves, conscious or unconscious, seen or unseen. However, what I'm feeling and speaking to is BIG. We are standing on the edge of a huge shift in consciousness and ways of being, of perhaps changing from always "doing" to simply "engaging" (establishing a meaningful contact or connection)—with ourselves, our families and friends, our communities, our world.

With these thoughts forefront in my heart and mind, I put together my altar yesterday for the 10th Lunation and the theme of it is "emptiness in the center". I have as one of the altar pieces—actually, it is what started the whole altar theme idea when I was "told" to use it—the wild woman doll I created right after returning home from my mom's transition in late 2008, the doll that is "Nameless, Faceless, Empty." Many other pieces I used on the altar also reflect "emptiness in the center" in some way. And, when one is empty there is room to be filled.

So, I know without a doubt that the "second version, re-vision" theme will be with me, and perhaps all of us, for awhile longer. The wonderful and hopeful element of this for me, and perhaps for you too, is that I most often LOVE creating the second versions!!!

Farewell for now, and may you find many blessings in every moment and every breath of your being.


  1. Lovely and inspiring as always dear sister Jennifer. I am also going thru a major re-vision and it's feeling really really good. Thank you for all the right energy that you model and for the intimacy of shring you create. You are a beautiful part of my life and I know you always will be! I love you.

  2. You don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. Thank you for sharing. I love you. LT